“the kitchen is the last true meritocracy. Here, you are what you do. Simple ability determines whether you are an asset or a liability; a culinarian or a ham and egger. Respect is a direct reflection of sharpness of knives, of the efficiency of movement, of tidiness, punctuality and, especially, of the ability to perform under pressure. In the heat of the kitchen, cars, girls, lifestyles and personal idiosyncracies become irrelevant. Those are nothing but fodder for politically incorrect banter that fills the verbal void left behind the instructions, orders, demands and requests of the resident tyrant. Yours Truly.”

–Anthony Bourdain


I am an attempting-to-be-serious home cook with my eye on pursuing a culinary career. I love to cook, but I recognize that I am still in the beginning stages of understanding what cooking is about. This blog is made to record my successes and my failures, track my learning, and to share some great food (and lets be real, a fair amount of mediocre food, or just-plain-bad food).

I look forward to practicing skills, pushing my creativity, reflecting on what I’ve created and getting feedback from others as I dive headfirst into this next stage of my life.


Any thoughts, advice, suggestions, or critiques are MORE THAN WELCOME.


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